Which social network to choose to promote your business?

Choosing the right social network to promote you is not so simple. As we have seen, including social media in your communication plan is essential. However, to reap all the benefits, it is important to choose them carefully according to their specificities and according to your objectives.

Which social network to choose for your freelance activity?

Mistakes to avoid in order making yourself known on social networks Getting known on social networks and creating a community around your brand takes a lot of time and method. I note that some freelancers undermine their credibility on social networks, because they do not take the time to think and do not ultimately use any strategy.

4 key points to make you known on social networks:

Determine your target:

Whether it is for your marketing in general or on social networks, we do not speak to everyone. Until you have a clear idea of ​​your target audience, it will be difficult to direct your communication effectively. This study goes far beyond: my clients are individuals, businesses, young people, and retiree. If you have not yet identified your ideal clients and analyzed their needs and expectations, I recommend you, once again, to follow this free methodology:

Determine your goals before choosing a social network:

The first objective that comes to mind of any entrepreneur is to find customers through social networks. Social networks are not tools dedicated to sales. Each has its own operating rules and will benefit you according to well-defined objectives. It is therefore up to you to choose them according to the priority objective that you are seeking to achieve.

Develop your content strategy:

Social networks are communication tools with the objective of creating engagement with your community, so it is important to define the messages you want to convey.

The content is the foundation of a successful social media strategy. To develop your reputation and stand out from the competition: produce multimedia content and use visuals adapted to each social network whenever possible;

Determine your choices according to your resources:

Ideally, you think it would be good for your company to be present on Face book, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. The question to ask yourself is “do you have the human resources to run all of these social networks? Except if you are a team of several people, it is likely that you will not have time to communicate effectively on many social networks.


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