Local SEO: how to get to 1st position Google?

According to Google, 60% of searches with a location criterion lead to a purchase. Since the deployment of the Pigeon algorithm, local SEO has been on the rise. Indeed, this algorithm promotes the rise of relevant local research. Since then, local SEO has become essential for companies wishing to promote their products or services to their local customers.

What is local SEO?

It is a set of techniques allowing increasing the visibility of a company on a search engine during a request involving a localized criterion. The aim of a local referencing strategy is to optimize the visibility of professions and businesses targeting local customers.

The Pigeon algorithm or the genesis of local referencing:

The purpose of this algorithm is to provide the most useful, most relevant and most accurate local search results to Internet users, by taking over the main classification criteria linked to traditional natural referencing.  According to Google, 60% of searches with a location criterion lead to a purchase.

6 building blocks of an effective local SEO strategy:

Here are the basic elements that you must include in your local SEO strategy in order to appear on the first page on Google for a user looking for a business like yours nearby.

Optimize metadata with local keywords:

It is always important to optimize the metadata of your website in order to increase your ranking on Google and therefore generate more traffic to your website. The title tag and the description tag are HTML tags that you absolutely must work to both make Internet users want to consult your page (and not that of the competitor placed right behind you) and to be better considered by Google’s algorithm .

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